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Stay tuned...the long awaited and much requested podcast with Aimee will be dropping in 2023. 

She will be welcoming some exceptional guests to join her for a cup of tea to shoot the breeze on all things holistic. 

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series 1: medicine

A carefully curated selection of remarkable guests join Aimee to chat around the theme of MEDICINE.

Does our modern health, wellness and healing paradigm work? What are the alternatives? What do the wisdom teachings have to offer us? Through a series of inspiring conversations, we will journey though archetype and myth, spiritual traditions, yoga, meditation, breath, trauma, music, voice and vibration, food, gut, herbs and Ayurveda, power points, temples and the art of pilgrimage.

series 2: human

Story telling is a lost art. It is the way that our ancesters taught each other, handed down wisdom from one generation to the next. So this series is about reclaiming that tradition and stripping back - meeting HUMAN to human, heart to heart. 

Throughout this series we will have the rare privilege of hearing the intimate personal stories of some of our esteemed guests and teachers, about their individual journeys in to the abyss of the underworlds to find healing.

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