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Right now Aimee's signature short course "Relaxation as the Key to Healing" - a trauma informed immersion in to the art of nervous system recalibration and emotional regulation - is live and available.


ISOHH has more life changing short courses lined up with our incredible team of teachers - bear with us as we work behind the scenes to make these experiences available to you. Sign up to the newsletter to learn when new offerings become available and scroll down for a peek at some of what we have coming up:


Relaxation as the Key to healing

A trauma informed online course. Learn the art of nervous system recalibration and emotional regulation with our founder, Aimee Rai.

"This feels like a tool kit everybody should have. Life changing."

Claire - Wales 



This certificate course is designed for those curious to learn more about the therapeutic applications of psychedelic medicines with a dominant focus on learning how to support those they work in the vital process of integrating psychedelic experience they bring back in to the therapeutic container. 

This course does not encourage the use of illegal substances but simply acknowledges that many people are independently utilising psychedelic substances for therapeutic and healing means, and as such, endeavours to support the integration of such experiences safely within therapeutic settings. This course is designed for those already working within the wellness fields. 

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Immerse yourself in to the magical meditations of classical tantra as taught in the poetic masterpieece that is the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. Begin with the vital foundations of meditation, often overlooked or missed even by those of us who have been in practice for years, then journey deep in to the art of allowing a practice to fruit and flourish in a manner that is person centred, trauma informed, and deeply influenced and inspired by the teachings of Indo-Tibetan Tantra. This is meditation with a different flavour - free flowing, playful and radically feminine in its nature. If your meditation practice has become dry or feels stiff and intoxicated with duty and obligation - then this course will be medicine for the soul. Awakening is everywhere. 

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sound healing certificate course

A stunning accredited certificate training in sound healing with one of the UK's leading sound teachers, Harriet Emily.

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Jaspreet Randhawa, The Whole Body Pharmacist, offers a profound and practical short course about how to transform clinical pharmaceutical practice in to a service that is trauma informed, holistic and deeply human centred in its approach. An inspiring journey for pharmacists seeking another way of embodying their chosen profession. 


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