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Train as a trauma informed integrative somatic therapist/counsellor online. Our incredibly comprehensive 12 month online trauma informed somatic counselling training comprises of a combination of pre recorded content and flexible self study hours alongside dynamic interactive live monthly workshops and practice sessions.


This training is externally accredited by the ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists). This course is considered to be counselling level 3-5 equivalent although it is worth noting that much of the skill and theory taught extends far beyond these levels. Upon certification and successful completion of your training you will be eligible to register with the ACCPH as a Trauma Informed Integrative Somatic Therapist/Counsellor. Please read down to learn more about our syllabus, upcoming intake dates, and costs.


We are now taking applications  for our Nov 2024 cohort - please note that we have had a substantial waitlist for this cohort. We recommend reading both pages of information provided thoroughly prior to getting in touch, and to formerly apply as soon as possible if you have interest to participate.


"From the first weekend of this training I knew that I was in for quite a ride! Aimee is a remarkable teacher - her approach is so human and inspiring - it feels a long way from the days of dry rote learning in school (thank God!). I am deeply grateful to be on this journey with her. "


Trainee 2023 Cohort 1

Who is this training for?

This training is for anyone who has interest in working within the therapeutic fields, doesn't feel drawn to pursue more clinical or traditional training routes, and would like to work in a manner that is truly embodied and trauma informed - this training offers a heavy focus on somatics throughout. This training is for anyone who wants to work in a manner that is authentically holistic - incorporating and honouring the somatic, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of those they work with. This is a no fluff high calibre training - we teach you the stuff that really matters in practice - from foundational counselling skills and client stabilisation all the way through to advanced trauma processing practices - offering you a depth of experience that will transform you both personally and professionally. 


This training is for anyone seeking change and looking to discover more depth, meaning and purpose within their work. This training is for counsellors who feel that the paradigm they trained in is not serving them as fully as they might have hoped and who are ready to rejuvenate their passion and their work by weaving an entirely new approach and skill set in to their practice.  This training is for coaches, therapists and other wellness professionals who would like to learn how to work in, with, and through the body, far beyond the basics. This training is for body workers, health practitioners, or yoga & meditation teachers who would like to learn how to work therapeutically with their clients in a psychological context. This training is for those of you who have had no training in any of these respective fields and are ready to learn from the ground up. 

The world of mental health treatment is rapidly evolving and ISOHH are at the forefront of that revolution. Through this training we are growing an army of highly skilled trauma informed counsellors and holistic practitioners who have the confidence and capacity to lead the way and shine a light in troubled times.

"As usual Aimee blew me away, with her ability to take the soul searching to another level. The combination of everything you do, teach & guide brings tears, joy and some kind of magic."


Jaspreet, UK

ISOHH founder & and lead trainer 

Aimee Rai: Integrative Therapist & Movement/Meditation Teacher

Specialising in Trauma and Somatics

For the last decade Aimee has been revolutionising the way we approach mental health and general wellbeing through her unique and truly holistic approach to healing. 

"I am not your average therapeutic professional. I am not a clinician (by choice) and I haven't taken a conventional training route. At times, in the earlier days of my work I felt in some way "less than" because of this, but that changed over time. The more people that came to me disappointed and disillusioned with the clinical care that they had received, the more I came to realise that the absence of more clinical training was an asset; it allowed me to form a truly integrative and intuitive approach to the work that I do, unencumbered by outdated ways of pathologising. I have come to understand that skilled holistic practitioners such as myself are vital, that we are serving a necessary evolution and revolution in the field of mental health care."

IMAGE 2_edited.jpg

"People were experiencing undeniable shift after years of fruitless therapy or dedicated spiritual practice."

"I entered into this work through my own path. My deep suffering drove me to seek change and it demanded me to be creative, courageous and curious - because the answers didn’t appear to be offered up tidily on one convenient plate. Anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, crushing co-dependency and cripplingly low self esteem were all born of trauma I didn't know I had suffered.  As deep shift began to occur in me, others asked me to help them, and so within my humble limitations, I did. I sat with them. I seemed to have an ability to help others feel in to their inner world and hold them well, but I needed to move beyond the bounds of what my natural gifts seemed to provide. 

I studied the art of movement and meditation, at first via the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. The practice taught me the power of working with, from and through the body, and I went on to work with the body through many different forms of movement healing. I now centre my movement teaching around psychological somatics and the Tibetan movement art of Kum Nye - oddly similar to Peter Levine's somatic experiencing.  As I unfolded myself over 15 years, with the love and help of many remarkable teachers, therapists and mentors, a clear vision of the various component parts necessary for a truly holistic healing process emerged. I often joke that I "trained backwards", specialising in somatics and trauma before I went on to study the vital relational skills necessary to hold therapeutic space artfully.  I studied with pioneers such as Bessel van der Kolk, Gabor Mate, Pat Ogden, Peter Levine, Linda Parnell, Arielle Schwartz, Richard Schwarz, and Eric Gentry of the Arizona Trauma Institute. I devoured the teachings of the wisdom traditions and somatic arts with fervour and fascination and today am a devoted practitioner of Indo-Tibetan classical tantra. Today I have the privilege of learning with some remarkable mentors, namely, Rob Preece (Psychology of Buddhist Tantra), Dr Miles Neale (Gradual Awakening) and Geshe Tenzin Zopa (Unmistaken Child). 

As I began to put personal and professional puzzle pieces in to place I seemed to be having success with the people who had struggled to find freedom and healing elsewhere. People were experiencing shift after years of fruitless therapy or dedicated spiritual practice. I integrated my growing understanding of trauma and its science and psychology, with my years of meditative study and other somatic practice. People came to me desperate and suffering, and those that stayed for the ride and were really ready to do the work, left very different - calmer, clearer, lighter, and above all, closer to the Self that had been buried beneath the often invisible traumas of life. I watched the lights come on in peoples eyes. I watched them reclaim their dignity, divinity and sense of personal power. I watched them recover themselves. What a privilege hey?

So much is distorted and fragmented through our western lens. We need an approach to healing that is not only holistic, but considered and trauma informed in its methodology. Its not just about having the right idea or the right ingredients, its about knowing how to use them, when to use them, when not to, in what order, and why. This revolutionary training model offers exactly that.  We have created the training that I spent 15 years looking for. 

We need more of us working boldly, bravely, outside the box. We need more of us demonstrating, primarily through ourselves, and secondarily through our work, that radical freedom, no matter what our history, really is possible. "


To learn about the full syllabus, structure, dates and cost, click below. 
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