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Train as a trauma informed integrative somatic therapist/counsellor online. Our incredibly comprehensive 12 month online trauma informed counselling training is UK based but held entirely online permitting for international attendance. It comprises of a combination of pre-recorded content and flexible self study hours alongside dynamic interactive monthly live zoom workshops and practice sessions. ISOHH is recognised as an ACCPH Organisational Member and this training is externally accredited by them and considered to be counselling level 3-5 equivalent - although it is worth noting that this is offered as an informal guide only and many of the skills and theories taught extend far beyond these levels. Upon certification and successful completion of your training and supervision you will be eligible to register with the ACCPH as a Trauma Informed Integrative Somatic Therapist.


Please read down to learn more about our syllabus and costs.


We are about to begin the applications process for our Nov 2024 cohort. Please note that we have a large waitlist of interest and as such we recommend reading both pages of information provided thoroughly prior to getting in touch, and to formerly apply as soon as possible if you have interest to participate. 


"If you get the chance to learn from this woman, take it. She will change your life"


 Leah, Sweden

Aimee Rai

Founder of ISOHH©

Aimee is an integrative therapist specialising in trauma and somatics as well as the creator of Medicinal Movement™. As a practitioner and teacher of Classical Indo-Tibetan Tantra all her work has a deeply transpersonal tone. She is known to her students as a warm, wise and dynamic teacher, and as an ACCPH fellow and supervisor she will be your lead trainer throughout your training journey.

"I have come to understand that most of what we suffer with is trauma - old stress and emotional pain stuck in the system. Trauma can be an acutely distressing one time event such as a rape or mugging, or even seemingly simple things like a minor car crash or routine surgery. Trauma can also be caused by exposure to various forms of emotional stress over a prolonged period of time such as by being raised by an depressed, stressed, anxious or insecure caregiver. Many of us had stressful and emotionally wounding childhood experiences because we are growing up in a society that is suffering collectively.

If we are in any way symptomatic - suffering (as I did for most of my life) with low self esteem, anxiety, depression, addictions, attention deficit, co-dependency, low self esteem, chronic pain or fatigue, immunity issues, chronic health problems etc, we are likely suffering with some form of trauma (PTSD, Complex PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress) - whether or not we understand why. In the words of Peter Levine '"trauma is a fact of life" and experiences that leave a trauma imprint take many forms, some virtually invisible to the untrained eye. Very often until we resolve the underlying trauma (original wound), we will continue to experience dis-ease and imbalance, or struggle in one way or another. There is nothing wrong with us, something happened to us.

It is absolutely possible for us to heal. It is absolutely possible for us to resolve our trauma. It is absolutely possible for us to break out of the loops and spirals created by painful past learning, awaken to our true nature and recover the peace ease and joy that are our human birth right. But - the process must be holistic, the journey must honour the whole person for us to access the kind of radical freedom that I am referring to. There is no other way. And that is the purpose of this training model - to offer a truly holistic solution. " ​


 Aimee Rai


The ISOHH Trauma Informed Professional Counselling Training is an externally accredited certificate training. It will qualify you to work as a Trauma Informed Integrative Somatic Therapist/Counsellor accredited by the ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists). You will learn trauma informed counselling skills, somatic practices for emotional healing and nervous system regulation as well as advanced trauma processing techniques.

Read down to see the full syllabus.

What will I learn during my training
and how long will it take?

Your accredited certificate training comprises more than 300 hours and will take place over 12/18 months

(12 months training + 6 additional months supervision post training)


Over the course of these 12 months we traverse a life changing journey through Foundational and Trauma Informed Counselling Skills, Psychoeducation, Somatic Stabilisation and Symptom Reduction, Somatic Psychology, Trauma Resolution and Processing Techniques and Spiritual Principles, The Human Journey & Recovery of The Self

Study hours break down to around 6-10 hours of video based learning hours each month - these are highly engaging pre-recorded live group teaching and training sessions with Aimee -  and one live workshop session a month with Aimee (generally a Saturday). You will read around one book a month and engage with monthly dyad/triad based group practices outside of formal session times. It is a requirement to participate in bi-weekly group therapy with Aimee and her team throughout the course of the training on Thursday evenings. From month 6 you will be required to start working with a small number of private clients under supervision (with Aimee or one of our team). You will be expected to stay in monthly supervision for a minimum of 6 months post training totalling a year of formal supervision, allowing you to qualify as an accredited member of the ACCPH.  To learn more more about our exciting and incredibly comprehensive curriculum, read below.

ACCPH Accredited Course Logo Small 1.png
  • Defining Trauma - PTSD, CPTSD & Toxic Stress

  • Types and Causes of Trauma

  • The Nervous System and The Trauma Brain

  • Polyvagal Theory Embodiment and Professional Mastery

  • Unpacking and Expanding Upon The ACE's Study and Test 

  • Adverse Child Hood Experience 

  • The Dysfunctional Family - Characteristics & Signposts

  • Ancestral Trauma & Epigenetics. The Biopschosocial Model

  • Attachment Theory & Codependency

  • Coregulation in practice

  • The Wounded Healer Archetype

  • Self Regulation and Co-regulation in Counselling

  • Nervous System Self Care

  • Techniques for Self Soothing and Nervous System Recalibration

  • Fostering Emotional Literacy & Somatic Awareness

  • Regulation Skills Continued

  • Trauma Informed Meditation & Breath

  • Trauma Informed Mindfulness 

  • Trauma Informed Movement

  • Historical and Cultural Origins and Context of These Practices 

  • An introduction to authentic spiritual principles and practice

  • Spiritual Bypass and Commerical Spirituality

  • Client Intake & Evaluation

  • Trauma Informed Counselling Skills & Counselling Foundations

  • Working Online

  • Brief History of Therapeutic Models & Principles

  • Stages of Recovery Judith Herman & Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and a Holistic Vision For Healing

  • Ethics, Power Dynamics & Transference

  • Top Down vs Bottom Up, Cognitive Approaches vs Somatic

  • Pacing, Pendulation & Titration

  • Relational Depth, Human Healing & Boundaries including Humanistic and Hakomi inspired principles 

  • Symptoms of Trauma

  • Depathologising Symptoms

  • Trauma Informed Perspective and Treatment Plans for Anxiety, Depression, Dissociation, Low Self Esteem, Codependency and Relational Challenges, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Pain, Fatigue, ADHD and more

  • Shadow Work

  • Exploring Client History Safely and Compassionate Enquiry

  • Healing the Inner Critic

  • Re-Parenting and Inner Child Work 

  • An Introduction to Trauma Processing

  • Resourcing, Preparation and Safety

  • Somatic & Implicit Memory

  • Somatic Psychology - Reading the Body, Micro Movements, & Attuning to Client Cues

  • An introduction to trauma processing based in Bi-Lateral Stimulation and Eye Movement Desensitization inspired by Francine Shapiro (EMDR) and eye movement practices rooted in ancient meditative tradition

  • Basic Protocols for Bi-Lateral Processing

  • Somatic Sensitivity to Bi-Lateral Processing

  • Bi-Lateral Processing for Non-Visual Memories

  • Radical Self Embrace and The Valuing of all Parts of The Self

  • Viewing Symptoms as Wise Adaptions not Flaws 

  • The concept of Self

  • An introduction to Parts Therapy inspired by the work of Richard Schwarz (IFS), Carl Jung, and Lama Tsultrim Allione (Feeding Your Demons/Tibetan Chod)

  • Somatic Psychology - Reading the Body, Micro Movements, & Attuning to Client Cues

  • An introduction to Somatic Processing Techniques inspired by the works of Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing), Pat Ogden (SensoriMotor), and Eugene Gendlin (Focusing) and others.

  • Individuation, Self Expression and Forward Facing Approaches to Trauma

  • The Human Journey and An Introduction to The Principles and Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism & Classical Tantra (Not New Age Sexual Tantra) Please note that these teachings are offered in a philosophical and spiritual capacity within the context of trauma healing with respect to individual spiritual or religious affiliations.

Group Travel

Certification Requirements

Please note that participants are welcome to attend this training without professional agenda - simply for the journey or with desire to apply what they learn in to their existing field. End of course exams are not obligatory. Equally if someone participates in the course without the intention of translating it in to a new career or a professional environment but later feels drawn to do so they will be welcome to pursue  certification at a later date. 

Participants who wish to formally certify will be required to complete an interview with Aimee as well as a written exam consisting of short essay questions and case studies. All testing and reviews will be conducted with a  sensitivity to both peoples neurological differences and an understanding that not all of us thrive in test environments, especially written ones. Adjustments will be made accordingly to allow accurate evaluation of each individuals competency. The concluding tests are not about passing or failing - it is about both Aimee and you evaluating whether you are truly in possession of enough intellectual awareness and technical ability to practice responsibly or whether some areas may need further attention. 

Participants will also be required to participate in one online group therapy session a month throughout the duration of the training and midway through the training will be required to start working with a small number of clients under Aimee's supervision. Supervision is expected to take place once a month for 12 months (to continue 6 months post training). Please note that Group and Supervision are not included in the cost of your training. See below for further details of costs and investment. 

You will receive a beautiful signed and stamped certificate recognising you as a Trauma Informed Integrative Somatic Therapist/Counsellor having completed 300 hours of training at counselling levels 3-5. Your will receive an additional document briefly detailing the extensive training and number of hours completed. All insignias of accrediting bodies will  be displayed. You are responsible for formerly registering with th
ese bodies and for any charges involved in doing so. One copy of each certificate will be provided within the cost of your training, Future replacement copies or additional copies will incur a charge. 

Investment in the Training Journey

Your 12 month intensive accredited training and certification will cost £2690 excluding the cost of group therapy attendance and supervision which are requirements for accreditation. See below for further details. You will also be responsible for purchasing books on your reading list and any materials required to support your study.

Group Therapy/Supervision is offered twice a month on an evening for 90 minutes at a cost of £50 subscription a month including both sessions, and is an obligatory component for all. attending  One to one supervision with Aimee or one of her team is obligatory once a month for 12 months for those who wish to receive external ACCPH accreditation rather than a basic certificate of completion - this is available at a rate of £60 for 40 minutes. Supervision may begin from module/month 6 of the training at earliest, and can begin later for those who wish to delay embarking upon their professional practice.

Please note that personal therapy and professional supervision are additional requirements / component parts of any good quality therapeutic / counselling training and are always at independent additional cost to the student, beyond the basic training fees of the core program itself. At ISOHH we provide the bi-weekly group therapeutic space  as a means to facilitate much of this need at reduced cost for the students. As a facility we work hard to provide a high calibre training experience at minimal overall cost to the students, comparative to other programs of this general nature. 


For those wishing to attend this training as more of a personal journey, who do not require the professional accreditation, need note that basic course fees and  additional bi-weekly group attendance are necessary and non-negotiable, but one to one supervision can be omitted. These individuals will receive an ISOHH certificate of completion but will not receive ACCPH accreditation. This said, it is important to note that although this training unquestionably offers a powerful personal journey for many, it is first and foremost a professional training, not personal therapy and is conducted as such. Appropriateness and safety of attendance and participation is carefully reviewed throughout the application process. Placements are not guaranteed and spaces are limited.

Please get in touch for booking and payment terms. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are beginning the applications process now for November 2024, but please note we have a large waitlist for this cohort and as such, we ask that you read both pages of information provided thoroughly prior to getting in touch, and to formerly apply as soon as possible if you have interest to participate. 


"I do not believe that we can show others how to heal until we have begun to do so ourselves - until we have begun to touch inner peace and taste radical freedom. For that reason this training is designed to be a personal journey as much as an educational process. You will not emerge the same person as you came in, but paradoxically, my hope is that you will feel more like yourself than ever before. I believe that there are many ways to learn and that rote memorisation is different (and perhaps less effective) than personal integration. As such, this training isn't like school was, there is no requirement for you to spend hours and hours memorising text books and writing essays. But there is a requirement for you to engage from your deepest being. It is meant to be an adventure. This work, this path, tends to call us in. Do you feel the call? "



Image by Daniel Mingook Kim

Who is this training for

This training is for anyone who has interest in working within the therapeutic fields but doesn't feel drawn to pursue traditional training routes. This is a no fluff high calibre training - we teach you the stuff that really matters in practice and offer you a depth of experience that will transform you both personally and professionally. 


This training is for anyone seeking change and looking to discover more depth, meaning and purpose within their work or their life. This training is for anyone who wants to work in a manner that is truly trauma informed and authentically holistic - incorporating and honouring the somatic, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of those they work with.

This training is for counsellors who feel that the paradigm they trained in is not serving them as fully as they might have hoped and who are ready to rejuvenate their passion and their work by weaving an entirely new approach and skill set in to their practice.  This training is for coaches, therapists and other wellness professionals who would like to learn how to work with the body far beyond the basics. This training is for body workers, health practitioners, or yoga & meditation teachers who would like to learn how to work therapeutically with their clients. This training is for those of you who have had no training in any of these respective fields and are ready to learn from the ground up. 

The world of mental health treatment is rapidly evolving. We are at the forefront of that revolution. Through this training ISOHH is growing an army of highly skilled trauma informed counsellors and holistic practitioners who have the confidence and capacity to lead the way and shine a light in troubled times.

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