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COMING IN 2024/25

Train to become a Medicinal Movement Teacher with its creator, Aimee Rai. This 200 hour Movement and Meditation, IMMA accredited, 6 month, trauma informed online training with Aimee Rai  is open to those who want to teach transformative trauma informed movement and meditation professionally, or those who would like to journey more deeply in their practice.


Medicinal Movement is a powerful trauma informed fusion of Tibetan Kum Nye Relaxation, Psychological Somatics, Breath, Sound and Classical Tantric Meditations including Mindfulness, Mahamudra, Tandeva (original Kashmiri tantric free movement), Visualisation and Deity practices - all offered within the context of their traditions and with modern psychological underpinning. 

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Originally trained in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Aimee went on to study the physiology of trauma, somatic psychology and the non-dual teachings of classical Kashmiri tantra & Tibetan Buddhism. Aimee has also danced throughout her life and has a deep and natural understanding of the ways the body speaks to us and how to use its wisdom to generate healing. 

As a movement system and healing modality, Medicinal Movement combines a potent fusion of psychological somatics, dynamic and intuitive movement, Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga and Relaxation, breath, sound healing, and meditation. Although classes are structured and the training encourage the use of certain "ingredients", medicinal movement is predominantly about teaching people how to make contact with their own inner and out body in ways that feel natural to them. It is an innately feminine, non-dogmatic, flexible and creative system both for those teaching and practising. Classes can be lively and highly dynamic as well as slow and steady. 

medicinal Movement is designed to gradually and systematically release and unlock the patterns of tension and trauma that we hold in the soma that keep us stuck in repetitive loops that cause us to suffer - physically, psycholoicgally and emotionally. Medicinal Movement offers a bottom up appraoch to healing, setting aside the need for excesive cognitive analysis (in spite of its importance within any holistic process) and instead supporting us to both release and repattern through what Aimee calls "somatic hacking". 


In a world riddled with tension and self bettering, Medicinal Movement invites us to learn how to relax deeply, release fully and become comfortabel in our won skin. This is the art of unwinding. Here, we dont keep it together, we learn to come undone. 


"With Medicinal Movement, we welcome everything, all the raw psychological material, and  in an alchemical manner, we seek to skilfully work with all the energies, somatic patterns and emotional imprints that live in the system, to unlock, liberate, enliven, transmute, transform.


This approach to healing and spiritual practice is innately tantric - there is no pass here, no dogma, no should or shouldn't, no can or cant. Just you, as you are. This is a space where we are no longer required to keep it together, we are invited to dance ourselves undone.


This is the art of unwinding."


- Aimee Rai

coming soon ... 

"As usual Aimee blew me away, with her ability to take the soul searching to another level. The combination of everything you do, teach & guide brings tears, joy and some kind of magic."


Jaspreet, UK

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